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MYSI x Moe Woll Fundraiser

MYSI is proud to partner with Moe Woll for his Bar-Mitzvah Project! Moe, an athlete himself, is raising money and creating awareness for the inequalities in sports. He will be doing a can drive, collecting gently used sports equipment, and raising monetary donations for MYSI. 

"Hello! My name is Moe Woll. I am 12 years old and I am from Huntington Woods, Michigan. My hobbies are playing sports like wrestling and football. I also like to bowl and to work with computers. For my Bar Mitzvah project, I am working with MYSI to help kids play sports who don’t have access to sports programs.

I chose to work with MYSI because I think it is a good fit for me. Sports are a big part of my life. I really enjoy sports and especially playing sports. I play sports almost every day. They mean a a lot to me and have helped me become who I am which is why I decided to work with MYSI.

I think that collecting equipment and raising money for MYSI is a good way to help because more kids will be able to play sports. I get so much out of playing sports and I want to help MYSI give more kids that experience. Thank you for helping me with my Bar Mitzvah Project!" 

- Moe Woll



Let’s Work Together

The Michigan Youth Sports Initiative greatly appreciates your kind donations. All money goes towards providing more opportunity to underprivileged youth. The goal is to continue to expand and hit every sport to make the biggest impact possible. Donations push us one step closer to achieving this.

Michigan Youth Sports Initiative provides multiple ways to donate. Below we have our Clover button that allows you to transfer amounts of money to the organization. As a 501(c)(3) organization, MYSI also provides the needed paperwork to write your donation off as a tax deduction with a $250 or more donation. If interested in making larger donations, you can either donate with credit card Via Clover, or fill out the contact information below if interested in writing a check. 

Thank you!

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